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The Art of Derek Dohren

painting, writing, photography

welcome bienvenido bienvenue willkommen welkom benvinguda ongietorri benvido bem vinda

When words are insufficient it is the role of the painter to step in:

to inform; to provoke; to suggest.

Some art exists to shock and dismay, to perhaps convey the less edifying aspects of life. Other art is created to delight and to celebrate, to give a sense of the wonderment of the world around us.

Artists may legitimately function at either end of these very human experiences but for me the choice is clear.

I want my paintings to be uplifting, life affirming, joyful, and thought provoking. I accept I often fail in this but I also like to think I succeed on occasion.

My hope is that you have a positive reaction when you view my work. We are in this world for such a short time.

* * * My third poetry collection, 'Frictionless Motion' is now available.

I am originally from Liverpool, England. After many years living and working in Lanarkshire, Scotland and then in Granada, Spain I currently live in the Gloucestershire town of Newent. I am available for portrait commissions and other work.

'Artists and Illustrators' magazine Landscape Artist of the Year, 2009.

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