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a grain of sand on a beach

Posted by Derek John Dohren on April 9, 2011 at 9:35 AM

A grain of sand on a beach.


A beach on a coastline, with many other beaches. The coastline of a nation, spreading many miles in all directions. A nation with hundreds of beaches. A nation that's part of a continent. A continent that's part of a planet.


A grain of sand on a beach.


It has multiple facets. It is made up of different elements and chemical compounds. Under a microscope you can see chains of crystals and strings of molecules. There are millions of such molecules in a grain of sand. And these molecules are composed of billions of atoms, and atoms are built with particles, with electrons and neutrons and protons, and each particle with it's component forces and energies yet to be uncovered.


A grain of sand on a beach.


And one of these atoms is the earth. The grain of sand is the Milky Way. The beach is our little section of the universe, housing our galaxy amongst the billions and billions of other nearby galaxies that exist in this place we call the universe. Billions of grains of sand. Billions of galaxies.


And the universe we inhabit is nothing too but a bigger grain of sand. Countless parallel universes sit side by side, splitting off add-infinitum at each decision and crossroad of life.


Our wonderful planet is an atom, in a molecule, in a crystal, in a little grain of sand on a beach.


And humans are particles, inside atoms, inside molecules on a grain of sand on a beach.


Humans talk of travelling to Mars. It's the equivalent journey to the next fleck of mineral deposit on our grain of sand.


A grain of sand on a beach.


A planet in a solar system in a sea of galaxies in a universe amongst an infinite array of universes.


The impact of a footprint on the sand, the effect of a crashing wave upon the shore. In one second of time our grain can be shoved aside, or washed away. A neighbouring beach will not even notice.


A grain of sand on a beach.


It is nothing and it is everything.

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