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as it happened - 1

as it happened

September - painted September 2009, acrylics on paper.

stage 1

First stage was to sketch out the broad outlines of the scene using a watercolour pencil. I then blocked in an underpainting, using orange tones for the area of greenery.

For the sky I decided on a brighter yellow tone. The underpainting will allow for a richer depth of tone in the finished painting.

stage 2

I completed the blocking in of the underpainting with a mix of burnt umber and yellow ochre for the cottage.

The streetlight on the left hand side of the painting is faintly outlined. I need to make a decision on whether or not to include that in the final painting.

stage 3

I started putting down the natural colours paying attention to the appropriate areas of light and shadow.

There is little detail at this stage, with the painting being more about establishing the main elements and seeing if the composition works.

stage 4

More detailing has gone in, particularly in the foreground area of the lawn where I have used a mix of greens ( sap, olive, emerald and some customised greens lightened with lemon yellow ) and the stonework of the cottage.

The streetlight has been more clearly defined. I lightened the blue of the sky with a weak wash of cerrulean blue and titanium white.

stage 5

I tried to put some character and individuality into the various trees and bushes of the garden. The first appearance of the red apples in front of the cottage is made.

The woody branches of the unidentified tree on the right provide something different of interest and break the monotony of the sky.

stage 6

I still wasn't happy with the composition and decided to liven up the top half with some clouds. I have paid more attention to the lights and shadows, deepening the tones where required. This gives the painting more depth and perspective.

I have signed it though I feel there is still a bit of work to be done.

stage 7

The final version. Tiny flourishes with the brush to add highlights and individual leaves on some of the bushes. I added some reflections to the cottage window and defined a curtain hanging there.

The streetlight stays in the interests of realism, slightly watering down the chocolate box feel of the scene.

You can see a larger version of the finished painting in the gallery.


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