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ghost on the wall

Ghost on the Wall

My authorised biography of former Liverpool FC manager Roy Evans. Available from in hardback, paperback and kindle editions.

(Mainstream Publishing)

ISBN-13 978-1840188325 , published 2004.

The authorised biography of former Liverpool FC manager Roy Evans.

“Now the move has failed and the board has decided to get back to basics. It is determined to turn back the clock. But is it too late? The Kop holds its collective breath. Roy Evans, the last of the Boot Room boys, steps forward to keep his date with destiny.”

"... Dohren's book is a well-written reappraisal of Evans."

FourFourTwo magazine

"How many times have you clicked on a promising title only to find either rehashed 'news' items or else some piece of complete drivel? Fortunately, there are still some writers you can rely on. Derek Dohren is one of them."

Paul Grech, Walk On web site,

“It's the insightful chapters that cover his management years that will most demand the attention of Liverpool fans.", Official club web site

"I have just finished the authorised biography of Roy Evans and had to email you, to let you know how much I enjoyed the book. I am a big fan of biographies and this one was superb."

Ian Coumbe, Bromborough

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