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dear finder

dear finder

Dear Finder

My name is unimportant. I was born in the British Isles on May 9th 1983. I came to live in the area we called Spain in the year 2036. I buried this time capsule here in the soil of the Sierra Nevada in May 2072. I hope you are able to read and understand its contents. I do not know the date I will die but I’m quite sure with minimal research you could discover both my name and the date of my transition from this life to the next. I hope I ‘died’ well. I haven’t left this for you so I can be remembered in any way. For me a life that has been forgotten is a life that has been lived well.

I have left this for you so that you can know something of how we lived in those times. You must not think badly of us. We could not see for we were blinded. Our minds were not clear for we were drugged. We were not stupid, merely ignorant.

Sure, we were born awake, but at such a young age it’s not possible to understand when you have parents who have, in their own time, been forced to sleep. You see, from the age of five we allowed each generation to be institutionally reprogrammed by the ruling elite.

We were not blameless of course. Though we were controlled some of us grew to enjoy our blindness, our drug dependence, our ignorance. They told us not to worry so we didn’t worry. They gave us money and they entertained us. They fed us their special food. They gave us work and they gave us houses and cars and we had holidays by the sea. And some of us enjoyed it because we didn’t think deeply about this. We didn’t have to. Though the human spirit is full of love it’s true that in these days some of us also had a little selfishness in our hearts.

Your history books will talk about the time President Sanders took office in the USA in 2016 as the moment things changed. Or was that 2020? I’m afraid my memory isn’t so good now. But you must know that the great ‘Awakening’ was happening long before this. There was a group, few in number at first, who knew the reality and who were able to raise their vibration. It was slow and difficult but we grew in size and we were able to alter our DNA and manifest a deeper and more profound raising of consciousness as time went on.

Others had tried as far back as the 1960s but the controllers had managed to crush the awareness before it gained a foothold. For the next forty years they had redoubled their efforts to keep us asleep. So we got more wealth and with it more poverty. We got more cars and planes and thus went round and round in faster circles. They gave us more drugs and with it more illness and more fear and more hatred and more war.

Despite it all, some continued to wake because the human spirit is indomitable!

Sadly it was too late to stop the damage that had already been inflicted on Mother Gaia. We had destroyed the garden and poisoned the land but we hadn’t known what we were doing. And this is why I ask you not to think too badly of us. We are you and you are us. We live our human lives at a different point on the same line. In my time this life journey has often been a difficult one.

But perhaps you pity us? After all we lived through such harsh times. This too would be a mistake my friend. We saw great things. We experienced beauty and wonderment. Some of my generation swam in the sea with dolphins. We watched migrating birds and smelled the sweetness of a rose. We skied above glaciers, gazed at verdant forests and fished in lakes. We were awed by vermillion sunsets and we marveled to see colonies of ants busy themselves against coming storms. We made our peace with the last of the great beasts before we bade them farewell, with the tigers and the elephants and the whales whose habitats we had destroyed.

I loved and lost and I loved and won. I was a brother and a father. I was a husband and a son. Now I’m an old man. My back is bent and I don’t hear so well. But I lived in the most stupendous of times.

After the Martian Discoveries of the 2020s there was no going back. We had reached a tipping point. At the time of the Megalith Revelations in 2033, when the great cover up was finally exposed, we had reversed some of the environmental damage previous generations had wrought. However, it wasn’t really until we finally tuned our vibrational frequency to Gaia’s and raised the collective Schumann resonance that unbounded joy returned to the world. A joy tinged with sadness and with some regret of course. And so I ask you again to forgive us, and in so doing to forgive yourselves.

Since the time the new continent of Tesla was rent from the floor of the southern ocean on that momentous day in 2047 Homo Telepathus has been the dominant species on earth. Those who refuse to wake are free to go their own way. There can be no recrimination when love is in control.

And here we are. My great grandson Pepe has been entrusted with burying this note. It’s all I have left to say. I have copied it onto a liquid resonance stone, and also recorded it into the quartz crystal you see here. The silver disc shaped object is a ‘CD’, an old twentieth century invention your historians may find amusing.


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