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metal inside 2

... metal inside

Having completed the paintings of each of the images I felt the results weren't quite what was required. I decided to run each jpg through a series of filters using GIMP (as I had with the logo) and turn them into solely digital works.

Each image was distorted and the black and white areas were reversed. 


step 4 - digital manipulation

Here is the almost finished version of track number 5, the title track of the album, Soñando Tu Camino. This is a depiction of a spinning weathervane, a repeating lyric of the song being "como una veleta que gira sin sentido" (like a weathervane spinning senselessly). Also my design for what I expected would be the album cover but which would later become the back cover. The object on the left represents the arrow guitar favoured by the band.



step 5 - colour and stylistic changes

The client, though basically happy, asked for a couple of changes. The front cover was to become the back cover (with a dangling spider in the top left corner) and a new image was commissioned for the front. The yellow triangles had to be altered to purple (not negotiable) as the colour held a special significance for one of the band members. More irritatingly for me was that they wanted the two squiggly lines to be scaled up to five so that a musical note design could be incorporated onto the new front cover (see below, top right). 


I felt this threw out some of the original artistic integrity of the work but then again, the customer is always right, and I reminded myself that this was a custom job. The job was a lot of work and was fraught with difficulty at times, but was also great fun. 


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