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A turn for the better

musings meteorological:

The weekend is almost upon us and the weather has improved. Three days of cold and damp have passed and the sun is shining again. There is nowhere near the same heat in it as last week though. With snow on the Sierra Nevadas I fear we have left summer behind but things are on the up.

I did a lead-in to one of my lessons this week with some comments on the weather. The students thought it hilarious to see such a national stereotype as an Englishman talking about a favourite subject. I did learn from one of them however, that Granada excperiences the biggest temperature ranges between morning and afternoon in Spain.

Anyway I hope to get out and about again this weekend and maybe get some more painting done. I´ve got work to fit in as well. We have all been given the assignment of taking on a single student during our ´spare´ time and formulating a specific customised teaching plan and lesson for him/her. This is a big project which counts towards our overall mark. I have agreed to do this with a Slovakian student who is staying here in the residence for another course. It should be interesting.

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