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Angels and Demons

Corny, done to death, and oh sooo dull.


I know it's ridiculous and utterly irrational but we all have those little no-go areas of overdone kitsch that drive us mad. Others may see them as masterpieces but we view them as hackneyed guff. Don't you get sick of seeing the same things depicted in art over and over again? Here are my three overdone cliches ...


1. Guardian angels, winged other beings, heavenly spirits, angels, angels, angels  - yawwwn.  


2 Venice - gondolas, water, Saint Marks, the feckin Bridge of Sighs. Yeah, whatever.


3. Tuscany - Red slated roofs, tall skinny trees. Italy. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


Here's a fourth one...


4. Scottish Highland crofts in orange and purple and crimson.


and another ...


5. ugly portraits of fat ugly people.


Obviously I'll be wildly disagreed with. You'll have your own bugbears. Such is life




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