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May I offer my most humblest of apologies? (rhetorical quesion).


Our internet line's been off like since about like two lifetimes ago. It sucks. I've had to keep going on a diet of American high school English and some pigeon Spanish - "quatro cerveza por favor, and heavy on the tapas, that's a stout fellow".


There's so much I could tell you. Suffice to say I'm alive. I've now taught 3 times, once to a beginner's group, once to elementary students and once to 'upper intermediate'. I had my class paint an abstract painting tonight. It was so cool. I split them into two teams - Team Pablo Picasso and Team Salvador Dali and they had to complete the rather astonishing abstract I'd already started for them. Dali's team had the best ideas. The last hombre to step up to the canvas took a blue bic biro and scribbled all over it. Sheer class. The Spanish are so cool.


I get reviewed tomorrow morning for that class. I'm not holding my breath but what the ****. They learnt some English and maybe a bit of art rubbed off on them too. Why the hell else am I here?


The Big Brother experiment that is 6 Americans, 7 Brits and a mad Hungarian is holding up. No one has been knifed in the back or front - yet. I may even love all these people. 


Anyway meteorological update: The memory of balmy days last week are as nothing but a thread of silk in an icy blast. It's now winter. We had a violent thunderstorm last night and when we woke this morning the brooding Sierra Nevada range that hangs over Granada was cloked in snow. It's chuffing freezin. I've only got summer gear with me and I'll need to kit myself out.


Hasta manana, or as we say here, until tomorrow.


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