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Art for art`s sake

So we have a task out here to produce two sets of teaching material that can be used across different levels of language student class, from beginners and elementary up to advanced levels.

One of my ideas was to paint this abstract painting...

With beginner and elementary students I can point at certain areas and ask ´what colour is this?´ We can talk about shapes and we can describe things as being ´to the left of´, ´to the right of, above, below, on top of etc. ´How many circles/squares/triangles?´- there are many possibilities.

More advanced students can talk about aspects of the painting using whatever grammar lessons are being given at the time. We can talk about it in past, persent and future tenses, or use conditional clause language. Do I sound like I know what I´m talking about? I think it´s half the battle.

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