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Carnage at the Nuevo Los Carmenes

A quick word about the Rojiblancos. A splendid 5:1 victory over league leaders Melilla was gratefully witnessed on Sunday lunchtime. Dave and I sat in the top tier of the roofless stand, under two hours of glorious sunshine, and revelled in Ighalo's magnificent hat-trick and another double from leading score Tariq (all for just 15 Euros).


Pick of the bunch was Tariq's first. A simply towering header, lashed into the net with no messing about. It was like watching what you always imagine Peter Crouch can do but can't. 


If Billy Reid's reading this - either of these lads could do a job for the Accies. They know how to put the ball in the onion bag - repeatedly. And they're used to wearing the red and white hoops so it's a no-brainer Billy. Whip the cheque book out you tight get. It's the least you can do for giving away James McArthur in the summer (probably).


Only downside was severe sunburn to the face and to the top of the napper.


Promotion beckons.


Here's the table. I've no idea if any sort of formatting will hold up. They show points first, then games...


pos equipo        ptos  j     g  e p  gf   gc


1     UD Melilla     63  32 18 9 5 43 28



2     Granada        60  32 18 6 8 65 34





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