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Going Places

Date - Sunday October 11th 2009

Location - Granada

Local Time - 22:30


... the spotlight is firmly on career. Changes are brewing in the workplace and there is potential to take a giant leap forward ... you are going places.


I never read my horoscope. It's a load of garbage isn't it? Yet there I was sitting at an Edinburgh airport departure gate convinced those words were speaking solely to me. They weren't cynically bashed out by some junior hack trying to work his way up the journalistic ladder and aimed at the wider one twelfth of the population sharing my birth sign. No siree. They were carefully considered facts, words weighted and customised for me alone. They had to be. Changes were brewing for me , oh yes. In fact they'd brewed up already and I was certainly going places. London Heathrow to start with, and by the end of the day via the Spanish capital Madrid I'd be unpacking my suitcase in the ancient Andalucian city of Granada.


The spotlight is firmly on career.


Thirty years after starting work in a relatively fledgling IT industry I've found myself redundant. I'm taking the hint and have decided to go and do something else. Yes, becoming a full time artist is the real dream, the end game if you like, but until such times as I get hundreds of eager buyers knocking my studio door down to come and buy my work I need to earn money the old fashioned unglamorous way. Hence the trip to Spain and a four week training course on teaching English as a foreign language ( TEFL to give the accepted acronym ).


It's no soft option. My understanding is that an intense four weeks awaits. I'll keep you posted. Anyway, some sixteen and a half hours after leaving home this morning I've arrived. Granada is bouncing and the old town centre, The Albaycin, where I'm to be based is absolutely thronged with people. Tomorrow is Spain's national day and it seems celebrations are starting early, or is it just what they always do on a Sunday night? I don't know. I feel like I don't know anything just now, like why it is I'm even here. Oh yes, I'm taking a giant leap forward. That's what my horoscope said. And it's true. It is.

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