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I was taken to task by one of my intercambio partners last week over the British person's over-use of his/her pleases and thank yous. Yes, we go a bit crazy with them I have to admit - the laughable example given was 'can you pass the salt please' (apparently something we always say at the dinner table) and humurous to Spaniards who feel we have nowhere to go should we really demand something that requires a proper please or thank you. We then feel the need to thank the person who has passed the salt. This is considered odd.


All well and good of course. I mean, I agree. It does seem a bit silly when you think about it.




I sat and listened to a group of rabid teenage Spanish girls last night engaging in what can only be described as a riot. I was informed they were merely having a disagreement. I shall be asking the question in future intercambio sessions: where do the Spanish go, verbally, when they are actually angry?

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