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las longanizas

La Zubia has a character who gets on the number 174 bus and talks to everyone and to no one in particular. It also has another man who wees in the bushes in the small park in the town centre, while kids are running round playing. At least, I think he's weeing.


In fact, come to think of it, I hope he's weeing.


La Zubia has cafes that don't serve food and others that appear to shut at lunchtime. I can't work out the local siesta rituals, either the exact times and who does and who doesn't take part in it.


It seems to rain a lot, except for last Friday when it snowed a lot. All the buildings in La Zubia are designed to drop massive gobbits of collected rain water on your head.


It has a barber who deliberately misunderstands what you ask for and cuts off all your hair. But he's cheap.


It has an enormous amount of dog poo on the pavement.


La Zubia has three language schools, one of which appears to operate with no staff.


A longaniza is a long thin pork sausage. I saw a news item tonight about them.


I like it here but sometimes I pine for Lanark.

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