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Now That's What I Call Tapas

I get it now.


The whole teacher thing. I finally experienced that magic I had been hoping for when I set out on this crazy path.


I felt the 'wow' factor after teaching a lesson tonight.


It was in my one-to-one class. My student gave me her time purely out of politeness - I'm sure of it - but I think I made something in her understanding of English click and when I saw the light in her eyes suddenly go on it nearly made me cry. It was very moving to see that happen.


I  can do this.


I did the 'painting an abstract picture' trick. That's twice out of six lessons. I can see students labelling me as that twonk who brings his paints and brushes to classm, but there you have it.


Sure, I had my moments in my past working life; times when I did something that went down well or made people think good things of me (few and far between it has to be said). All well and good, but that moment when you make a real connection and do something that may change someone's life is 100 times more powerful than getting some kind of self aggrandising pat on the back because you've done something clever.


It's a very uplifting thing to do something that directly effects someone's life in a positive way. To me, at this moment in my life, that's priceless.


I get it now.


I'm happy to call myself a teacher and an artist. It sits right with me.


I can do this.


A quick tapas update:

Irrespective of the earlier update and the disappointing tapas experienced this evening, I nipped out around 2pm today for a touch of the blazing sun and a cool coca-cola. The nearest bar geographically delivered splendid tapas. I had two cokes and two corresponding plates of scran. The first was a paella mixta (meat n fish). Very good - even though the pork rind went to one of the local cats (Ramon I call him). The second plate was garlic bread crumbs with sausage. Nae bad.


Matters pertaining to soccer:


St. Mirren 0 v 2 Hamilton Accies


The Reds lost 1:3 at Fulham. What's going on?








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