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Schwas and diphthongs and SatC

Glorious glorious sunshine today and temperatures an unlikely 29 degrees. At lunchtime I took myself off to nearby Plaza Larga for a refreshing ice cold coke. I got a free plate of sausage and chips. Those simple treats make the difference between being alive and merely surviving.


Tomorrow I go to the Alhambra. I bought tickets on the internet and even though I have an impossible amount of work to do I figure some things are more important. All work and no play etc etc. My time for visiting the main area is 10 am. Apparently if you miss your slot then that's it.


Here's a recent shot of the palace from our rooftop...



We had a phonemics test today. Horrible. Not as bad as the grammar test promises to be next Monday. Anyway four of our number failed it and they have to resit. They got their schwas, monophthongs and diphthongs all in a tizz. If they do it again they've had it.


We also had a visit from an agency lady this afternoon. Most of the guys here on the course went to see her about getting fixed up with TEFL work when the course finishes. I didn't bother. I'll be going back to Scotland and looking for something there.


Five of the girls are staying on in Granada. They've got themselves a flat and are all looking for work. Three of the males already live in Granada and another two are thinking of staying on. I feel I'm going to be missing out a bit but real life for me (at least in the short term) is a cold dreich climate and a visit to the dole office on Monday week. At least I won't have to sit through another four million episodes of Secks and the City in the Comedor. Since the girls found the DVD stuffed behind the back of the overhead projector it's never been off the telly.




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