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Tommy Cooper's face in a pie crust





Time : 22:59


Date, weather, blah blah - Whatever.


Well, just back from the pub and some much needed rehab after yet another underwhelming chapter in the pamphlet of horror that documents my life.


They say you should never take your first ever English as a foreign language class if the said class is plagued by a continuing stream of late arrivals, the classroom suffers a series of unexplained power cuts and you allow a blind Frenchman to wander in with his friend ten minutes into the lesson from whence you proceed to let him obliterate your carefully prepared whiteboard presentation.


But I just don't listen do I.


So it's my own fault.


Oops, not that I should ever use the word 'so' again. Not when I'm teaching anyway. I might get asked what it means and not be able to answer and suddenly wish the power cut thing would happen again or the blind Frenchman would poke someone's eye out with one of his sticks.


I have to face a panel of my peers tomorrow. That'll be fun. The one's who p1ssed themselves laughing during the 'show' are sure to give me good marks. I hope to be able to do the same for them on Monday.


Anyway you get off to bed. I'll be up til 3 am filing the four different reports I haven't yet done that need handing in tomorrow. Serves me right for going to the pub and eating some food.


Art update: I went to the Alhambra yesterday afternoon to see the art. As it happened I didn't get to see any of it so I just bought a rather fetching white floppy hat and went back home.


Tommy Cooper RIPies



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