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Walk to Freedom

I finally experimented with collage and produced a mixed media abstract I called Walk to Freedom. It was inspired by an image I found in a magazine of Nelson Mandela's Hand of Africa signature. I put down a terracotta base to represent the African soil and splashed areas of vivid currulean blue to indicate the sky. Those colours always look good together. I then pasted on the Mandela hand and a few other pieces of text I found that I thought went well with the piece.


I found a copy of an Ellsworth Kelly abstract (the coloured squares) that I thought made a good statement about skin colour and racism. Same sized squares, all residing within the same box, within the same painting, their individual colours being the only difference between them.


I took a copy of my Fossil Hunters painting, slashed it up, and pasted a couple of pieces on. The extraction of fossils from the rock represents freedom after a long period of incarceration. I spread some of the colours of the rock bands across the terracotta and blue of Africa to bind them together.


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