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Tea with Wassily

I went into a cafe today for a cup of tea

On the wall to my left was a print, by Kandinsky

I ordered my tea and waited, delighted

and thought of Kandinsky and his painting, entitled

'Improvisation 31, Sea Battle'

My tea arrived, with a sachet of sugar and a biscuit

The cup had no handle and, I thought, is this what

I have to do too? Do I have to improvise?

The cup was hot but I was thirsty, my throat dry

I had no need for the sugar

And then I looked ahead and saw Vincent

'Cafe Terrace at Night' or something reminiscent

was on another wall, underneath the tv screen

That was showing a cycling race across the Pyrenees

I decided to eat the biscuit

I ate a biscuit and drank my tea, improvisingly

with Vincent van Gogh and Wassily Kandinsky

I never thought to look at the other walls

And who knows, perhaps I had my back to a Paul?

Cezanne or Gaughin? But that's me all over.

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