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This page provides a link to my writing activities.

I've been writing most of my life, certainly long before I began painting. It was always an activity I enjoyed at school and during my adult life I've found channels to express myself via the written word.

My most recent publication is my first poetry collection, entitled 'Everything Rhymes with Orange', published by Black Eyes Publishing UK in July 2019.

ERWO may not seem such an obvious progression from the semi autobiographical 'The Cats of the River Darro' (published 2012), and my life has certainly moved on, but it continues the theme of self-exploration.

Further below you can find links to my short stories and poems page and to other places around the Internet where traces of me have not yet been fully erased.

Everything Rhymes with Orange is my first poetry collection. It was published in July 2019 by Black Eyes Publishing UK. It may not seem such an obvious progression from the semi-auobiographical 'The Cats of the River Darro' but it continues the theme of self-exploration.

Everything Rhymes with Orange

The Cats of the River Darro was written in 2011/2012 and is wonderfully illustrated by the talented artist Natasha Phillips. You can read more information about it here...

The Cats of the River Darro

In 2004 I completed the authorised biography of former Liverpool FC manager Roy Evans. This was a labour of love and I was able to draw on much of the work I had done with my related web sites in the late 1990s and early 2000s. You can read more about it here ...

My 2003/2004 biography of former Liverpool FC manager Roy Evans.

Ghost on the Wall

Short stories, poems, thoughts ...

A collection of miscellaneous writings.

stories and poems

Granada Insider

The Granada Insider was a monthly magazine aimed at providing information for visitors to the city. I had a series of articles published here.

Granada Insider Articles

Football websites

In 1997 I was the founder, chief writer and editor of, the world's first website dedicated to the great Liverpool manager Bill Shankly. I set up other websites in its wake, each one paying homage to other individuals of that special group of coaches associated with Shankly at Liverpool. Two of them still survive though not entirely in original form.

Much of my other writing from this period was absorbed into when I was forced to sell the websites.


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